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Ed Ramirez, Owner/Operator of ALL ENVIRONMENTAL ELECTRIC LLC,” was certified by the State of Arizona after completing four years of Electrical theory and NEC Code Courses at Gateway Community College, sponsored by Independent Electrical Contractors Association. After completing years of electrical work experience, he decided to obtain his Electrical Contactor’s License in March 2002. He is also a member of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors. His business has been a Success because his “hands on,” attention to each and every project. AEE, LLC has earned a “Certificate of Safety” for having a perfect safety record. AEE located in Scottsdale, Arizona serves all of Arizona with consideration to our client’s specific needs. AEE, LLC encourages “Energy Efficiency!” In giving economically, sound efficient energy to our customers, as well as, keeping environmentally friendly. Let us be your personal electrical contractor! In your home we can install compact fluorescent lighting, LED lighting, and if the customer prefers incandescent lighting, we have a solution – Installing ECO dimmer switches to reduce wasted energy, extend bulb life and at the same time, provide, at your convenience, a more pleasing ambiance.


AEE, LLC has a myriad of UL products available to provide guaranteed and warranted protection for your appliances and sensitive electronic equipment from unexpected spikes and surges in your home or business electrical system.


All Environmental Electric, LLC offers complete Photovoltaic Solar Power Systems, design and installation for those customers that would like to take advantage of the incentives and rebates that are being offered right now through the Government and Utility Companies. We review, your current monthly electrical usage, discuss other ways to reduce power consumption, design a solar power system based upon your budget and show you how much savings you could receive from solar power. Give us a call or e-mail us and we will spend some time with you to set up a feasibility study. Our professional installation will have you resting assured that your home solar panels will give you a long life of service with trouble free maintenance. Make the decision to take advantage of the Sun to provide you with “Clean Energy" and call us today! All Environmental Electric, your residential or commercial electrical contractor and solar system installation specialists in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Paradise Valley and the surrounding areas!


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